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XRA-31 system

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Easy to mount rails for 19" racks!


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The back of your XRA-31 system.
The back of your XRA-31 system.

1. Mount the rack-rails optional

The server mounting rails consist of separate outer and inner rails. Follow these steps to rackmount your system

  1. Mount the outer rack-rails in your rack
  2. Attach the inner rails on the system
  3. Slide the system in the rails

The switch has mounting-ears that you can screw on.

2. Connect power cables

Connect the system with the provided power cables.
Supported power ratings:
100 - 240V AC auto-range
50 to 60 Hz


3. Connect the MAN1-interface

MAN1 interface.Connect the management interface with your network so you can control the system using our software from your computer.

4. Connect the IPMI-interface optional

IPMI interface.
Plug into the IPMI interface.

Connect the IPMI Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) interface. This is the chassis management interface.

5. Connect the RF ports optional

Connect downstream (DS-1 for OFDM, DS-2 for SC-QAM) and upstream (US-1 for both OFDMA and A-TDMA) to your RF testing network.

6. Power up the system

Hit the button and let the system boot


Your system comes pre-configured by us.
But if needed you can make some configuration changes

What is the management IP address? read more

Need a fixed management IP address? read more

Start capturing traffic

Now you are ready to start capturing traffic. You can control the XRA-31 with its web UI.

Analysis of the pcap captures can be done using Wireshark with Excentis XRA-31 patches.

Download our latest Wireshark

Windows 64-bit

A quick intro-test

Let's get you up to speed using XRA-31!

The following knowledge base article gives you a quick introduction on how to start capturing using your brand new XRA-31 system.

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